Are you an AMBITIOUS ENTREPRENEUR as well as a DAD?

Do you sometimes feels GUILTY about spending too much time on your business and too little time with his family?

Do you ever FEAR that one day you may wake up regretting that you missed out on seeing your child grow up?

If so, you have COME to the RIGHT PLACE.

Hi, My name is Allon

I am the former manager of the current world number one tennis player, Novak Djokovic, a sports entrepreneur and bestselling author. But most importantly, I am also a dad.

I say this because ever since my son was born, I have experienced many incredibly moving moments of joy, happiness, and meaning. But it didn’t take much time until I realized that if I wanted to be a great father I would have to invest serious time and energy into my family.

Initially, this INSIGHT made me feel EXTREMELY WORRIED. Don’t understand me wrong- I really wanted to be an amazing father at all costs. But at the same time, I was thinking: How I was going to do this, without sacrificing my career?

After all isn’t it more important than ever to do well now that I am providing for a whole family?

As an AMBITIOUS DAD, you probably have had similar thoughts, and you will have discovered that in fact you only really have three choices to pick from:

  1. You could choose to DEDICATE YOURSELF entirely to your work, and become a very PASSIVE DAD. Of course, feelings of guilt and dissatisfaction, as well as deteriorating relationships with your family could be the price of this.
  2. Or you could INSTEAD completely neglect your PROFESSIONAL DESIRES and focus on being very involved and hand on dad. Deep down you would in all likelihood hold some grudges towards yourself and your family, for having stopped you from pursuing your professional ambitions.
  3. A third alternative would be to work on finding ways to balance being a MORE PRODUCTIVE BUSINESS PERSON with being an amazing dad.

For me, it was clear that I would only find happiness by seeking to thrive as a dad and business person. And if you are totally HONEST WITH YOURSELF, you will agree that finding a way to pursue your business goals, while making it a habit of saving time and energy for your loved is the SECRET TO REAL SUCCESS.

And that is exactly what this site is about.

In fact, having worked with some of the world’s best athletes, and studied success psychology for quite some time, I can tell you that the #1 difference between men that prosper and those that don’t is their ABILITY TO BALANCE WORK AND FAMILY. This is because nothing has the power to be more inspiring and motivating than a loving family!

Just picture what life would feel like if you could find a way to spend slightly less time working, but getting so much more done in this time that you would be able to completely SWITCH OFF once you enter home. Imagine how good it would feel to spend UNINTERRUPTED QUALITY TIME playing with your children, chatting with your wife and getting the kind of rest that would allow you to return back to work the next day, feeling more energized and motivated than ever before. Wouldn’t that lead to both more success and happiness?

By now, you are probably asking yourself:

How can I possibly find the time to pursue my career while also spending more time with my family?

Why is it so hard for me to find the energy after an exhausting day at work to engage with my kids and my wife?

Isn’t being a father meant to be the best time of my life, why don’t I feel that way?

Let me be clear about something: I am not holding myself as the perfect dad, which is part of the reason I am doing this. However, as a high-performance expert, I can share with you some of the very best tools, tips, and strategies that will help you design a lifestyle that makes it possible to be both an amazing dad and a very successful businessman.

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Amongst other things you will discover:

  • How to become SUPER-PRODUCTIVE, so that you get more done in less time.
  • How to DRASTICALLY INCREASE your energy level so that you never feel exhausted and burned out when you are spending time with your loved ones.
  • How to bond and connect with your children so that you enjoy manyPLEASURABLE MOMENTS together and help them become their best selves.
  • How to make your relationship with your wife thrive so that you experience manyUNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS together.
  • How to TRANSFORM STRESS into the kind of growth opportunities that will allow you to become more successful.
  • How to become your children's FAVORITE SUPERHERO whom they will want to listen too.
  • And how to be a deeply SATISFIED man.

The good news is that the better you are at balancing your business- and your personal life, the more successful and happy you will become with everything you do. Once you commit to improving this crucial aspect of your life, the sky is the limit as to what you can achieve.

I look forward to seeing you around.

To your success as a dad and entrepreneur,

Allon Khakshouri