How to Win at Life & Love

Have you ever felt frustrated about not being able to find the love of your life, even though you have many positive qualities?

Perhaps you feel a nagging fear that time is passing by and, if things don’t get better, you might end up settling for the wrong partner.

If so, you’ve probably also noticed that these worries affect other areas of your life as well, making it even more vital to find a solution.

Engaged will not only give you a blueprint of how to attract your dream partner, but also help you develop the thought patterns that will allow you to prosper in your relationships and your career. Remember, your time is precious. In fact it’s the most precious resource that you have. Don’t waste more time going through life on your own – learn how to become the person who will attract the partner of your dreams.

I heard about this book from a friend. It was just released and got it on the kindle. The author with pure honestly takes you through major life cycle events that changed his life. It’s well written and very authentic. Also very much enjoyed all the personal anecdotes. A very insightful read. Definitely recommend.
Katrin Yaghoubi “kat”

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